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KillerGuides review

Rift: Planes of Telara is officially released for a while and I’ve seen lots of friends dedicate themselves to this game. One thing I noticed is that most of them play Rift with ease. They could go to level cap super fast and easily make a massive amount of gold. So I asked them what’s the trick and they told me that have a guide.
No surprise. If you see someone who can level up so fast and make a lot of gold in a very short period of time, you can tell that they sure have some help. There are many guides to choose from and you can find them on the internet. You can even google the review of those guides if you want to make sure that the guide is legit. Or to confirm that is up to date?

The guide from Killer Guides is the one that I gladly recommend. It covers all the information gamers need to know. It contains the strategies on how to speed level and finish the quests faster. The strategies on how to make lots of gold in a short period of time is also provided. You can now purchase any items you need and customize your character as you wish. Additional tips such as secret methods to defeat the bosses, PVP etc. can also be found in the guide.

Killer Guides offers the guide in an e-books format. The good thing is that they will always keep the guide up-to-date and of course it’s free of charge. You can re-download the guide any time. Their guide is written by a veteran gamer who plays the game since its beta. The guide is easy to understand for both advance player and beginner.

Fero’s Guide Review

Since Rift is released into the MMORPG world, many players are captivated with the new playing system that allows player to switch your class on the fly. There’re four callings in Rift (you can also call it ‘souls’ or ‘classes’) which are Rogue, Mage, Warrior and Cleric. If you are a gamer who prefers to have a calm-and-silent-yet-stealthy-and-deadly looking character. Rogue would suit you the most. On the other hand, if you are a gamer who likes aggressive and fiercely looking character. Warrior is for you. And due to the complexity of this new system in Rift, many people prefer to use a guide.

There are many Rift guides available in the market. Most of them are created by the pro-gamer who spend a lot of time playing the Rift since it’s beta. Fero’s Guide is one of the guide publisher that I recommend.

Their guide provides the step by step instructions on how to go up to level 50 in less than a week. Rest assure that the guide is full of proven strategies and tips. With this guide, you can optimize your time and never stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time or wasting your time with the wrong quest again.

Another important thing in playing MMORPG is to have a massive amount of Gold (Platinum) in your pocket. You need a lot of golds to buy superior items or even prettier outfits. If you can make heaps of gold that means you can purchase any items you want, and of course, it would benefit your playing game. All of the strategies or secret tactics you need to know to gain lots of gold is there in Fero’s Guide.

Fero’s Guide is a downloadable PDF and always being updated. You can easily login to a member area and download it all the time, of course, it’s free of charge!

Xerxes Guide Review

Rift is currently one of the most exciting and engaging MMORPG. Many gamers who have tried playing Rift are impressed with the game because Rift has everything that you would expect from the contemporary MMO, from guilds to trade skills and heaps load of other exciting content. The game offers two factions, the Defiant and the Guardians, and four callings, Warrior, Mage, Cleric and Rogue. From these callings (also can called “souls”) you can choose your first soul and start to create your preferred character. The game lets you build your character according to your play-style to fight in any battle or in PVP combat. In other words, it’s possible to mix and match your defenses to suit your preference.

There are many ways to earn points and the necessary gold to enhance your character such as do a quest, destroy creatures or even buy a great outfit for your toon. Sometime you may have questions such as how can I accomplish the quests? Or, where exactly is that armor to complete your set? There’s actually no reason to worry about it. There are many pro-gamers who have spent considerable time playing Rift. All the while, new secrets and strategies that can help you to quickly complete quest, obtain epic gear and practically all that you set your mind on doing in Rift are discovered. The pro-gamers combined their discovered strategies and came up with a complete Rift guide which they reveal to fellow Rift gamers.

As I told you, there are many guides in the market now, but you need to take precaution because there will always be some scams. I would like to recommend one of the strategies guide for Rift, that is Xerxes guide. This guide is a reputable one that covers a good amount of Rift content to help you throughout such as leveling tips and recommended raiding builds.

Xerxes guide comes with detailed step-by-step quest walkthroughs for the callings. A Starter guide for beginners that covers the gaming basics is also included (the experts can skip this part). The basic content part include things such as character creation, the currency system, the auction house system, the quest mechanism and more. So even though you have just started playing, this guide can help you to quickly progress through the game.
Also found in the guide are detailed and accurate maps and walkthroughs so that you can be sure to never get lost.

This guide offers 100% legal tips. In addition, the website offers a 60 days money back guarantee if you think this guide is not for you.If you want to level up fast and optimize your gaming performance in Rift, then don’t go without this Xerxes guide.

Kalmar’s Guide Review

Rift is a MMO game that has been on the market for a while and has already proven itself to be a contender for best MMORPG. People choose to play this game over other games on the market simply because Rift is amazing and growing very fast in the MMORPG genre.

Rift includes two major factions which are the Guardians and Defiant. Although each faction want to save the world, their beliefs and methods are different. The Guardians closely follow their Telara’s god, Vigil. The Defiant on the other hand don’t care whether the gods abandoned the world or not. To them the disaster that occurred is the gods’ fault.
Anyway, both factions are amazing to play. It depends on your choice which one is suitable to your style.
In this review, I recommend Kalmar’s Guide. If you are playing as a Rift Defiant, this guide might not be suitable. The Kalmar’s Guide is written for the Guardian faction only.

The author who wrote this guide is a full-time Rift gamer and MMORPG addict. He has spent every waking second researching the fastest possible way to level up and complete quests. Avoiding wasted precious playtime doing the wrong quest is certainly what all of us want to avoid. The Kalmar’s Guide could help fellow Guardians efficiently complete quest.

With this guide, you can go from level 1 to 50 in less than 4 days. That is according to the writer. He has done it himself and shares how he was able to do so in the guide. If you are playing a Guardian and you want to level up really fast, then the Kalmar’s guide would be very helpful. In order to level up fast, you have to be doing the right quest and level in the right locations. Kalmar’s guide shows how to get to level 50 step-by-step, along with complete maps and also list of quests to avoid.

Kalmar’s guide is recommended for anyone playing the Guardian faction, and offers useful leveling tips. If you would like to know more about building up your souls, PvP strategies, and other strategic gaming content, other Rift guides on the market are recommended. So, if you are looking level to reach 50 as fast as you can and you are playing a Guardian, Kalmar’s Guide is the way for you to go.

EVE Domination Guide Review

Like many other massively multiplayer online role-playing games, EVE Online is constantly being updated with new content ever since its official release. For that very reason, the EVE Domination Guide is a living guide that is continually kept up-to-date with the game. EVE Online lets you create your preferred character in the science-fiction universe. As you progress through the game, you gain more power, riches and eventually even become the captain of your very own starship.

In this review, we’ll be looking specifically at the guide offered on The guide writer is an experienced MMO gamer who has spent lots of playtime with the game to discover the secrets and proven strategies to efficiently make a ton of ISK. It’s true that one of the most important aspects in MMORPG is currency. It doesn’t matter if you are a very skill player. If you have only a few ISK, you’ll be getting nowhere in the game because you cannot get the best ships, those great weapons and outfits.

In this guide there are many strategies that the author combined by himself and readily reveals to anyone who wants to start playing or have started. If you are a newbie, sure that you may not completely understand all the strategies written in the guide. In fact there are many guides that can often be very hard to comprehend, but that is never the case with this guide. The author takes new players into consideration when writing up the guide. The result is an easy to read guide that is useful for both new and the experienced gamer.

In reality, there’s work, study and the day-to-day hustle and bustle to go through, so much that you may have no time to dominate your game. There are many new players, even advanced players who waste hundreds of hours to sit in front of their computer and be nowhere near effective as they could be… either in training, generating ISK or even PvP. Actually you don’t need to waste time like that to make a million of ISK. All you need it to know the effective strategies. It’s that simple.

It’s impossible for a starting player to reach the higher levels after playing for only a week, but there are some player who know the strategies and can do that! By the time they reach the higher levels, they would have done so with heaps load of ISK. If you read this review and have questions like “Is EVE Domination a scam?” the good news is it’s absolutely not. They are 100% legal and completely safe. In addition, the website offers a 60 days money back guarantee if it does not live up to your expectations. The author is confident that you’ll love the secrets revealed inside so he is offering you this guarantee.

Like most game guide sellers, their guides are all eBook/PDF-based guides. For serious EVE gamers, the EVE Domination Guide can be very useful.
All in all, I recommend the EVE Domination Guide. With a copy of the guide, you could start dominating EVE Online and make HUNDREDS of millions of ISK in NO-TIME at all…