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Since the release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, many guides have been written promising players the best routes, the most effective leveling schemes, and the quickest ways to make gil. Not all the guides available online fulfill the promises they make, and this can lead to anyone wasting hours reading through and using methods that are not the best. If there is anything a gamer hates it is wasted time, and this can add up quickly in an MMO title.

To help you save those precious hours, we have found and compared three of the best ones around. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the guide’s stated purpose, how good the guide is at fulfilling this purpose, and any weaknesses a guide may have.

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The Unofficial Final Fantasy XIV Guide
The Killer Guides team is known for their exhaustive detail and excellent advice when it comes to getting the most out of an MMO in a very efficient manner, and the guide they produced for A Realm Reborn does not disappoint. This guide covers all the bases, and does so in a way that both new players and veterans will benefit from.

Most of the guide is focused on going through the game efficiently, with sections dedicated entirely to quickly leveling up, detailed walkthroughs regarding quests and dungeons, extensive advice on how to be raid ready, and effective strategies on taking down the Primals while staying alive. A full breakdown of classes and jobs is also present, and players will be treated with a full explanation of skill rotations, affinities, and stat distribution.

No part of the game is left uncovered, and because of that this guide can be a one stop shop for anyone looking for a general detailed guide on everything present in the game. Since all updates are included with the purchase this guide will also never go out of date, making it useful to players for as long as the game is active.

As this is a general guide, players looking for extensive detail on particular facets of the game may not be entirely satisfied. People looking forward to exploring on their own may not like having everything so clearly laid out, either. For everyone else, though, this guide will have a lot of use.


The Osiris Gil Guide
The Osiris Gil Guide is, as you would expect, a guide dedicated primarily to how to effectively make gil. This gil guide covers every stage of the game with this in mind, and offers unique tactics that benefit even the lowest levels and poorest of players. While this guide may be a bit overwhelming to the complete newbie, it should not take extensive playtime for players to find it useful.

In particular, this guide offers sound advice on how to make bank from crafting. Crafting is generally not considered the most profitable of activities, and for many players it is more a gil black hole than anything. At the same time, though, the richest players on any given server are those that have figured out the best strategies for making money from crafting, and these strategies are covered by this guide.

Because of the incredible focus on maximizing how much gil you can make, this guide is not as concerned about other areas of the game. There is not much in the way of leveling strategies present within, and other parts of the game are only mentioned in relation to how they can help you maximize your earning potential.


Strifeable is another complete guide to A Realm Reborn. Much like the Unofficial Guide, Strifeable covers all the bases, with sections for leveling, acquiring gil, and classes. This guide also has sections on basic tutorials and frequently asked questions. Like the guide by Killer Guides, it also has a focus on efficiency. The purchase of the Strifeable guide also gives players access to an exclusive member area of the website and all future updates to the guide itself.

One thing that sets it apart is its liberal use of maps in the leveling guides. Every single area has its own section, and in those sections is several maps of areas highlighting things of interest and routes to take.

It is written with both newbies and experienced players in mind and is a good guide for any player wanting information about all parts of the game.


All three of these guides are solid, helpful works that will improve anyone’s experience in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Anyone can and will find use from any of these reviewed guides. Of the three we consider the Killer Guides Unofficial Guide the best of the bunch, but it is a narrow margin and may not be exactly what everyone is looking for.

We hope this comparison will help you save a lot of time and get the most out of your FF14 experience.

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