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WildStar is proving to be a fun and popular MMO, and like any MMO that makes it big a multitude of guides have appeared promising to guide players down the most efficient paths to the promised land of the end game and sweet gear. However, like with any other MMO, the reader should beware: not all of them are created equally.

To help you save time, energy, and headache, this guide has been put together focusing on four of the best guides out there. Below you will find their strengths and weaknesses assessed and whether they are worth your time and your money. We hope that this will help you find the perfect guide for your needs and that your adventures in Nexus are fun and worthwhile.

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The Unofficial WildStar Online Leveling Guide
Killer Guides is a group renowned for their excellently detailed guides, and this one does not disappoint. Every aspect of the game is covered, from the beginner leveling areas through to the Elder Game content. Players following this guide will never be unsure of where to go and what to do to maximize their time to level-up experience, and anyone from newbies to experienced players will find benefits from these extensively tested routes to ensure the quickest, most efficient grind possible.

In addition to the leveling, the guide has sections on skill rotations, dungeon romping, elite PVP strategies, and a complete how-to on housing. These sections are fleshed out and full of secrets, giving players who read this guide an edge over players floundering around trying to figure things out on their own.

The information is presented in an easy to follow way and is clearly laid out so players can quickly focus in on the information they need for a particular session. In addition, all future updates to the guide are included with the asking price, so as the game grows and changes this unofficial guide will always be handy to have around.

Anyone hoping to explore the world on their own should not get this guide. It lays everything out point by point, leaving no room to discover things on your own or experiment with your own ideas. There are also mild spoilers for Wildstar’s story, if anyone cares about that.

WildStar Leveling Guide
This guide was put together by a single person. This individual wanted to be exceptionally good at WildStar, and since the beta he has taken notes, tried different strategies, and experimented with different skills, paths, and classes. He calculated the best routes and most efficient tasks to perform. His dedication continues to this day, with updates being available for free after purchase.

The results of his hard work are impressive. As a leveling guide, this guide is great for players of any skill level. It tells you which quests provide the best rewards, where the best grinding areas are in Nexus, and how to best utilize this information depending on your class and play style.

Beyond telling you the fastest leveling strategies, the guide also provides information on several other areas. It provides an explanation of how all the classes and roles play so you can create your ideal character the first time, then gives detailed explanations on how all the skills and builds work. It covers how to quickly get more gold than you will ever need, then gives a detailed overview of the crafting system and how to use it to fulfill your needs.

Since this guide is made entirely by the effort of one person, it naturally cannot get as detailed about every aspect of the game as the Killer Guides offering. Despite that, it remains a solid leveling guide.

Zygor WildStar Leveling Guide (not available at the moment)
This guide’s format is significantly different from the previous two. Instead of downloading a PDF and reading through, this guide takes the form of an in-game add-on that dynamically displays information about what you should be doing next. The makers of the guide promise that it is fully compliant with NCSOFT’s rules and that you will not be banned for using it.

There is something undeniably convenient about having a guide that displays what you immediately need to know in a clear and concise way. The information changes automatically to tell you what you need to do next, and it is shown in such a clear and simple way that players of any skill level will be able to easily follow along. It even provides a directional arrow that always points you in the direction you need to go, so you will never have to wander around unsure of where your next quest giver is.

Players who like to chart out their paths far in advance may not enjoy this guide so much: it only shows you the next immediate steps. This guide also only covers leveling, meaning it will not be useful for players looking for a full guide covering every aspect of the game.

Beastly WildStar Addon
This is another guide that takes the format of an add on displaying relevant guide content within the game window. It has most of the same strengths and weaknesses as the Zygor guide: it is great as a step-by-step guide through the leveling process, but it does not have much of anything for the rest of the game.

One thing that sets the guide apart is that its information is displayed in a very clear, “bar”-type format. As you progress through each area, the bar fills up with the percentage of quests you are to do in that area, with more bars breaking down each individual quest objective as you accept and complete the quests. Thanks to this you usually have a clear idea of how long you will be spending in any given area, making it easy to plan out play sessions if you are short on time.

It is easy for newbies to follow along, and all updates to the guide are free. However, since it lacks information about any other part of the game some players may not find it very useful once they reach the level cap.

All four guides are solid and useful, though they target different audiences. Are you the kind of gamer that likes to know everything in advance, or do you just want clear guidance of the next step? Do you want complete mastery of crafting and housing, or are you content to power level and explore PVP? Knowing what you want goes a long way in deciding which guide is for you.

There is a lot to WildStar, and it can be daunting to go alone. We hope this comparison helps you find the guide that is right for you and enhances your experience in Nexus.

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