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As the king of MMOs, World of Warcraft usually experiences a jump in interest far beyond any other game of the genre when a new expansion pack is about to come out. Part of this spike is usually an increase of sales in guides, but not all guides are created equal. We have compared seven of the best guides to help you choose the guide that’s right for you.

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Dugi Guides
Joana’s World
Dynasty Booster
Secret Gold Guide
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KillerGuides is a group renowned for their excellently written guides, and their collection of works on WoW is no exception. They have guides covering each of the classes, a group of guides focusing on individual expansion packs, and more.

Each guide is packed to the brim with information. The guide on the Paladin class gives you everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to playing Paladins, and the upcoming guide focusing on the Warlords of Draenor will cover everything you need to know about the expansion… and likely more. The other guides will be updated to reflect changes coming in Warlords of Draenor, and any and all updates to the game will result in updates to the guides, making them relevant for years to come.

They do not currently have a guide dedicated strictly to leveling, which may put some people off. However, there are individual class guides for all 11 classes, in addition to a separate guide dedicated solely to Warlords of Draenor and all other expansions. The expansion guides also have in-depth information on all additions in terms of zones, dungeons, bosses, quests, and raid. In addition to that, changes in every WoW expansion are also extensively covered.

Zygor Guides
The Zygor Guides are a collection of guides that act as an add on to WoW, displaying information within the game window. Their leveling guide directs players along the most efficient path through the world. Their professions and achievements guide teach you how to level up your professions quickly and get as many achievements as possible in a short amount of time. The guide is updated as the game is and will be ready for Warlords of Draenor when it arrives.

The information is displayed clearly and simply, and it varies depending on which guide you are actively using. The leveling guide focuses almost exclusively on the next step you have to take, for example, while the Dungeon & Gear guide offers insight on where to go to to get specific high end gear and how to tackle each dungeon like a pro.

Due to these guides’ focus on displaying the next immediate step, it can make planning far in advance difficult. This is a small issue, but one that might bother some players.

Dugi Guides
Much like the Zygor Guides, the Dugi Guides is a collection of add on guides that display information within WoW’s game window. They have guides covering leveling, professions, dungeons, and more, and they display information pertinent to whatever you want to focus on for that particular play session.

Unlike Zygor, these guides display all objectives in a list type format when you are going through an area, with detailed directions about where to go and what to do. The trade-off is that the information is not as dynamic, and you have to manually tick off each step as you complete it.

The guides are kept up to date and the information is comprehensive, making it useful to anyone after the release of Warlords of Draenor.

Joana’s World
Joana’s Leveling guide is designed from the ground up to get you from level 1 to the max level in no time. The guide particularly handles the non-linear questing areas of Mists of Pandaria well, cutting away the fat while giving players the meat and potatoes of how to fully utilize these areas, and it is promised that the same will be true with the new Warlords of Draenor content.

Despite being an add on for the game, this guide is very text heavy, requiring a lot of reading to get through. The content is not dynamic in any way; as you finish an area, you have to click on through to the next page of the guide to get the information you need. Names and words of interest are highlighted, though, making for easy skimming for those who already have a general idea of what they are doing.


Dynasty Booster Guide
The Dynasty Booster Guide is a leveling focused guide. It is made to guide you through the leveling and questing process, and how this is done is a little unique to the guide. Along with the typical directions you find in most leveling guides, some quests have additional comments making notes of particular problematic things to make the questing process even easier. These comments might note how to find an item or expert advice on killing any elite mobs you might come across, preparing you for everything that lies ahead.

With its focus on leveling, it does neglect other aspects of the game: there is nothing on high level PVP, gold making, or character builds. It has a singular focus on leveling, and it will guide you well on this front. Saying that, the makers of this guide do offer other guides that cover some of these topics that complement the Booster Guide.

Secret Gold Guide
Making gold in World of Warcraft may not be too difficult, but truly making a profit is a challenge in any MMO you will ever play. The thing that separates most players from the richest players is that the richest players know all the secrets to maximizing their profit and making obscene amounts of gold in very little time.

Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide details every strategy you will ever need to make gold in WoW. It is divided into nine modules, with each module covering a particular topic of the game. These topics range from gathering to crafting to strategies on gaming the auction house, and they are covered to a surprising depth.

That is the guide on the whole. There is nothing else considered, so anyone looking for other information will need to look elsewhere. It updates weekly and covers strategies for every level.

X-elerated Warcraft Guides
The X-elerated Warcraft Guides is a set of add ons that, like the others, guides you through the game using information displayed within the game window. Each guide covers a specific aspect of the game, with a guide for leveling, gold, talents, dailies, and more. Every guide is made by an expert in that particular area, meaning they are solid works filled with helpful instructions that fill you in on clever strategies.

Their guides are currently being updated for Warlords of Draenor, with special emphasis given in the leveling guide on expertly guiding both new and experienced players through the non-linear new questing areas in Warlords of Draenor.

Compared to the other guides, the directions are not as easy to follow, though most players should not have any significant problems. They seem to be designed with somewhat more experienced players in mind than most of the other guides were. However, even clever newbies should not have much trouble getting use out of these guides.

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