Final Fantasy XIV Guide Review

Be Ready To Be The Best!

With the release date of Final Fantasy XIV racing around the corner, it is time to start getting yourself prepared for this epic installment of the Final Fantasy series. This massive multi-player online role playing game will have a load of decisions to make, some of which may be a little confusing at first. That is why dedicated gamers have taken it upon themselves to create the Final Fantasy XIV Guide. This comprehensive FFXIV Guide includes all of the necessary details to get you prepped and ready for gaming for the release date. Included in this guide . . .

  • Character Breakdowns
    In the Final Fantasy XIV Guide you will learn the best way to start your character, and skip over the annoying bad choices often made when beginning to play a new, complex MMORPG. From builds, to skills and all other class related attributes, there’s no wasting any time.

  • Tested Leveling Strategies
    The FFXIV Guide also offers the fastest leveling strategies that have been proven successful. Rack up those experience points and shoot straight to the top, so you can get down to the real business.

  • Guild Overview
    Final Fantasy XIV incorporates an new guild system, and for all of you seasons MMORPG gamers out there, you know the importance guilds have on getting the most out of your game. This guide gives a detailed understanding of this unfamiliar guild system, and will have all of the guilds beginning you to fight under their banner.

  • Gear Understanding
    Gear is what makes your character more – or for all the noobs, less – powerful in FFXIV. It is what separates the top dogs from the little guys once leveling is out of the way. Make sure you have your eyes peeled for the optimum choices for your specific needs, all of which is thoroughly covered in the FFXIV Guide.

  • All of this and much, much more is included in the Final Fantasy XIV Guide. So what are you waiting for? Get a head start on all of the competition now, and rule Hydaelyn!

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