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KillerGuides Review

The game guide market is one dominated by independent authors rather than large companies. It is a fascinating business model, but also one with some deficiencies. Independent authors have difficulty reaching their audience, and customers have little to no security that the product is legitimate. Services like formed in order to overcome those shortcomings. Killer Guides is an online shop and a meeting ground of sorts for game guide authors and consumers.

For the author, Killerguides offers them marketing and a wider audience than would otherwise be possible in exchange for a modest commission. For the consumer, it offers them the security that they aren’t paying for trash. It also removes the risk of “losing” the guide. Just log into your account and download it again. You’ll forever have access to the guides that you have already purchased.

Of course, gamers will still want to read the various Killerguides reviews, such as this one, and ask the question: Is Killer Guides a scam? The good news is that it certainly is not. In fact, customer service is some of the best we’ve encountered, and they seem to go out of their way to accommodate their customers. The offered library is expansive, and the only real shortcoming is that it is limited to text and images.

Like most game guide sellers, their guides are all eBook/PDF-based guides. You won’t find the video libraries that are included in some of the more comprehensive online game guides. However, what you will find, are leveling and strategy guides at very reasonable rates. You’ll also discover that most guides are highly focused, which is the way we prefer it. Rather than buy the complete guide to WoW, which is an option, you can spend a couple of bucks just on the WoW Gold Guide, if that is where your interest lies. The WoW Gold Guide, in particular, surprised us with its attention to detail and the advanced strategies it included. In our review of a wide selection of their guides, we found that Killerguides lives up to its word and keeps the information updated and relevant.

The level of customer service at is impressive to say the least. We were impressed with the quickness of response and the attention to detail.

All in all, I highly recommend Killer Guides for all serious online gamers.

Review of MMOGameGuide’s EVE Online Guides

Seven years of game evolution, has made the science-fiction-themed Eve Online a complex one. There are many hurdles to overcome, and any newbie serious about establishing themselves will want to leverage a third-party solution. The problem is that there is no shortage of choice available. Therefore, in order to save you time and money, we are taking a closer look at the options. Today, we tackle MMO Game Guide’s Eve Online Guide available at We’re going to ask the question: Is MMO Game Guide’s Eve Online Guide a scam? Then, we’ll consider some of the other MMO Game Guide reviews as we formulate our own.

We were a little surprised to see that currently prices the guide at $50. That seemed a little high for a non-WoW guide. They claim that this is a $100 discount, but of course, we all know better, and we demand a lot out of a gaming guide for $50. So how did it hold up to those demands? The simple answer is, not well. However, the good news is that it is certainly not a scam, and there is a great deal of material included, just not enough at a high enough quality to warrant $50.

The bad news is that it has a couple of crippling deficiencies. One, the guide is not completely current, and there are entire subsections of the guide that were once right but are now wrong. This will throw new players for a loop, and in some cases, it is going to set them back, which is not what you want from a strategy guide. The other deficiency is that there is no real community challenging the material, and it is clear that the guide suffers from this lack of editing. You will find sections of text that a secondary author clearly regurgitated without having any real understanding of the material.

MMOGameGuide splits their Eve Online library into five primary sections: Eve Insider, ISK Guide, PvP Guide, Mining Guide, and the Ship Guide. The Eve Insider covers all the basics, and it actually is a viable head start for the new player. However, overall, categorization is a bit of mess, and a great deal of the material spans across two or more categories. While it is impossible to avoid this entirely, it is clear here that not a lot of effort when into the organization of various topics.

Once you’ve weeded out the outdated material and overcome the sloppy organization, you’ll find a lot of legitimate and even advanced material here. Unfortunately, most of this material is available elsewhere on the Internet, often free. Granted, that data is widely dispersed, and some would be willing to pay a small fee to have it collected. The problem with MMO Game Guide’s Eve Online guide is that it isn’t a small fee, its $50. At $50, a gamer expects a lot. They want writers that actually play the game. They want material not found elsewhere. They want a great video library that puts verbs into sentences. They want a gamer community challenging and authenticating the material. Unfortunately, you’ll get none of that here.

Aion Mastery Guide Review

Aion Mastery was created by Anthony Chabot and is available for purchase at Chabot created these guides because he was spending too much time leveling his character. He started taking notes and studying strategy and finally figured out the best and fastest way to level up and get millions of Kinah. He found that the game was much more enjoyable with the right strategy tips and wants to share them with you!

The Aion Mastery Guide is composed of three separate guides and can be purchased separately or bundled for an added discount. The full package includes an Asmodian Leveling Guide, an Elyos Leveling Guide and an Aion Kinah Making Guide. The guides total over 300 pages of excellent content. In-game tips are littered throughout the leveling guides.

The Aion Mastery Guides include strategies for all levels up to level 50. These guides lay out tips on which quests to take, which to avoid, where they are and how to quickly complete them for any level. With Aion Mastery Guides you can access the unique-named mob hunting list which will help you find and kill all rare spawns for some of the best items in the game.

Each Aion Mastery Leveling Guide starts from level one. The guides were specifically designed for any level player. One of the most popular features of these guides are the easy to understand in-game tips. You never have to get confused by numerous game components with these step-by-step guides. The leveling guides tell you where to go, who to talk to, what quests to accept, what items to get and what to kill. Aion Mastery Guides show you what to craft, what to make and what to farm to get as much Kinah as possible. The Kinah Guide explains how to use the auction house, how to use the private store, how to use your professions and how to grind for the best results.

The Aion Mastery Guide is not a scam, it is legit. It doesn’t claim false promises like leveling to 50 in 4 days. In addition, the package is risk free and can be returned for full refund within 60 days of purchase. The Aion Mastery Guide has earned it’s reputation as the most thorough and comprehensible Aion Guide on the market. Aion Mastery Guide reviews agree that this is a purchase worth making for anyone who wishes to level their character quickly, while still having fun.

Currently, the Aion Mastery Leveling Guides are only updated to level 40, but will be upgraded to level 50 soon. Anthony Chabot knows how frustrating it can be waiting for your guide to update after the game has been patched or upgraded. That is why every time the game is patched or updated, so are his Aion Mastery Guides. New Kinah making tips are being added constantly. You only have to purchase these guides once and you are guaranteed free premium updates for life!

Eve Billionaire Review

Eve Online is a fantastic, science-fiction themed MMORPG that continues to enthrall a thriving community seven years after its inception. Part of this allure is the game’s scope, the sheer breadth of which has inspired countless strategy guides intent on making you a better player for a fee. Many of these guides try to be all things to all people by running the gamut of Eve Online strategy material.

In this review, we are looking at, a website and Eve Online strategy guide that takes a very different approach. Rather than cover everything, Eve Billionaire focuses solely on generating ISK (money) within the game world to the point of being filthy rich. In theory, this type of focus should lead to an incredible amount of insight and an amazing level of detail.

The first question we always want to tackle is the first one on every gamer’s mind: Is Eve Billionaire a scam? At approximately $20, we can say with confidence that is definitely not a scam. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. The author offers an 8-week money back guarantee, which you will have very little problem taking advantage of if you pay by PayPal.

Players should keep in mind that this guide is not newbie friendly. It is not necessarily that the content is too complex, but rather that the scope of the task is too much for a new player to tackle. Players should also note that this guide is not for every established player either. If you’re expecting the Eve Online version of a get-rich-quick scheme, you’ll want to keep looking.

There isn’t a lot of secrete sauce or magic trading tips to generating ISK in the system. It is a defined set of how and why broken down into a series of phases. Some require a great deal of effort and time, but no phase is ever so complex you will have difficulty understanding how to accomplish it. The first phase begins with just the money you have now, even if that is zilch. From there, you’ll work phase one until you accrue you enough ISK to enter the next stage. Often, you will have to use all of the ISK accrued in the last phase to facilitate the new one.
The only “problem” with the system, is that it is a lot like real life. The goings will be tough in the beginning, but it becomes easier as you progress. Any gamer can handle the upper tiers of achievement, but the level of commitment needed through the early stages will discourage many. You weren’t really expecting becoming an ISK billionaire to be easy, were you?

Whether or not is right for you is a matter of how much effort you are willing to put in. If you are serious about it, then Eve Billionaire is a fully realized means of reaching Eve Online wealth. There are two downsides. One, there is no online video library. Two, there is no official community. There are communities available, but you’ll have to hunt them down. However, at $20, we don’t see either of these as being deal-breakers.

Ultimate WoW Guide Review

The dark side of the WoW market is that there is a lot of opportunity for fraud, and plenty of these products have very little substance. This has potential buyers scouring the web for Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Guide reviews and asking the question: Is Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Guide a scam? Well, the good news is the guides at are very much the real deal. Dugi’s guides have been around for years, and the developers are very active in the community. Fortunately, there’s no need to take anyone’s word for it. Stop in at Dugi’s forum, and see for yourself.

Another common concern among players, is how current is the material. It doesn’t matter how amazing the content is, it becomes useless once the game evolves past that point. The great thing about Dugi’s Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide is that it is never static. The developers consistently update it, and more importantly, there is a huge online community challenging the information and keeping it honest.

All of this work has developed into a guide that sets a new standard for game guide sophistication, and that is more than hyperbole. The strategies within will take you through the character creation process, into the leveling and gold-farming processes, and eventually into advanced PvP tactics, if you choose to go that route. The guides are unparalleled in depth, but not so complex that they alienate the new players.

Dugi’s organizes the Ultimate WoW Guide into manageable chunks. The new player will start with the character creation guides, and then the basic leveling guides and gold-farming guides. If they have any questions, they head over to the message boards. Chances are someone has asked that question before, but if not, response times are quick. Once the player masters that current lesson, they move onto the next one. The community involvement has ensured that the steps advance at a proper pace, and that the guide offers you enough alternatives so that you never have to do the same thing repeatedly unless you want to.

Dugi’s has broken the Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide into three meta-sections: WoW Leveling Guide, Dungeon Leveling Guide, and the Daillies & Events Guide. If you purchase the standard UltimateWoWGuide from, then you get all three sections and the vast library of material that comes with each. However, by breaking it down, Dugi’s has made the guide more accessible to those with limited budgets or those who simply do not need the other information.

Better yet, the developers give Dugi’s Guide away free just for signing up at the website. Consider this your free trial. It has a wealth of information, including a 1-40 Alliance and Horde Leveling Guide. Use it to level your avatar, and then if you’re still using it at level 40, go ahead and purchase the whole shebang.

WoW Leveling Guides by Dugi

Digital Sobriety: 20 Mobile Apps for the Recovering Alcoholic

It has never been a better time for recovering alcoholics with the wealth of programs and tools available to assist with their goal to stop or curtail drinking. Among these tools are hundreds of mobile apps that help every step of the way.

We’ve listed 20 of our top picks that do their best to support alcoholics get started with a recovery program, stay sober or curtail their drinking binges, and connect to a supportive community of friends.


Alcoholics Anonymous – The Big Book (iOS, $2.99)
Instead of toting around this life-changing tome, you can bring with you everywhere in digital audio and text book format in a single app. It’s this multimedia experience that makes it doubly useful and usable. Content is divided in neat chapters so you can jump into your favorite sections in a few clicks.

Field Guide to Life (iOS, $4.99 for first volume)
Despite its relatively high costs, this award-winning app should be more than worth it for the high quality tools and evidence-based program it provides to newly recovering alcoholics. The first year is often the hardest but the Field Guide to Life is there to assist you every step of the way by teaching core recovery principles across three volumes: The Basics, Owning It and The New You.

One Day At A Time (iOS, Android, $1.99 on both)
Feeling a little lost in your current recovery step in Alcoholics Anonymous? This app gives a much-needed refresher. You can even read about the past steps if you need that extra reminder during times you feel particularly lost or lacking in control. Plus it spurts out prayers and inspirational messages like a font of friendly advice.

Recovered (iOS, free)
This popular recovery podcast has designed programming around the 12 steps for alcoholic addiction. It provides the listening episodes for free to stream or download to be played offline. Convenient functions such as playbacks, favorites and episode search further enhance the podcast experience.



Saying When (iOS, $1.99)
Designed and developed by experts at The Centre of Addiction and Mental Health, Canada’s leading addictions and mental health hospital, this app provides a detail program on how to quit or cut down on drinking. The program can work on its own without ever attending meetings or opening up to a group of strangers, as it is with traditional AA programs, and is an alternative for those that want to take the self-help route.



iPromises Recovery Companion (iOS, free)
Share meetings and access shared meetings with this comprehensive recovery helper app. Among its many features is the ability to use your iPhone’s GPS to locate the nearest local AA offices in the US, Canada and many other countries. It also lets you add friends and keep contact with them so you can help each other out in your road to alcohol abuse recovery.

Anonymous Sober Recovery Chat (iOS, free)
With a community of more than 20,000 alcoholics and addicts, this social app lets you meet and chat with your sober peers from Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs. Connecting and relating with other recovering alcoholics will go a long way in keeping you focused. It is completely anonymous and no registration is required.

Rebos Sober Neighborhood (iOS, free)
Life without alcohol drinking may at first seem a bit drier, but there are tons of other sober activities to enjoy. The Rebos Sober Neighborhood app expands your social circle to include plenty of non-drinking friends who want to have sober fun with you. The location-based network lets you connect with individuals near you, build a profile to help attract like-minded friends, and a chat system to get the social ball rolling.

A.A. Speakers (Android, $1.00)
Nothing beats attending an AA meeting, but the AA Speakers app gives you a wealth of speeches and workshops AA meetings and conventions. It also includes audio books from the AA program. With hundreds of hours of inspiring audio tapes, this app lets you take one step further in your recovery as if you never left the comfort of your local meeting.



Days (iOS, free)
Days has two main strengths: Discreetness and tracking multiple sobriety dates. Its app name does not scream “I’m a recovering alcoholic!” which gives you increased privacy from smartphone snoopers. It can also track up to 20 multiple sobriety dates if you are struggling with more than one issue aside from resisting the siren call of liquor.

I am Sober (iOS, $1.99)
Alcohol recovery can feel like a day-to-day struggle, which is where I am Sober comes in to make the daily grind much more bearable. Daily achievement notifications from this sobriety tracking app reinforces your will to keep off the bottle, with special notifications and unlocks for reaching key milestones like 7 days, 1 month and more. It has also recently added a savings tracker to put a layer of financial satisfaction to your recovery journey.



Sobertool – Alcoholism and Addiction (iOS, free)
If you get an itch to have a tiny sip, Sobertool is designed to nip that nagging craving in the butt. A series of simple questions will lead you to a message to help you stay on the sobriety track. More importantly, it enlightens you more about the underlying issue behind your craving. Other features include a sobriety rewards system and support finder tool.

Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson – (iOS, Android, $2.99 on both)
Relax and visualize your recovery goals with help from hypnotist and stress-management coach Andrew Johnson. Through the app, Johnson helps you mute out the devilish calls of alcohol and enter a state of tranquility. The idea is to bring peace into your soul and eliminate the destructive habit to numb pain and stress with alcohol.



My Spiritual Toolkit (iOS, free)
Writing down you thoughts and feelings can be tremendously therapeutic for your sobriety. My Spiritual Toolkit is a sobriety journal app that lets you write entries on-the-go. You don’t need to be worried about your entries suddenly leaking to the Internet. Privacy is protected with encryption and secure storage systems similar to those used by banks, so you can be completely honest with each entry.

Recovery & Sobriety Quotes (iOS, $1.99 to download)
Feeling down and out? Then you might be better off dropping two bucks on the Recovery & Sobriety Quotes app than a Starbucks drink. The spiritual pick-me-up is immediate. The app’s insightful zingers bring encouragement, re-affirmation and even a gentle kick in the butt for even thinking about giving up on your hard-earned sobriety.

Happy Apps Sobriety & Freedom (iOS, $0.99 to download)
Spoken affirmations are like little bright lampposts that light up your path to sobriety. Now you can have them handy and ready to play in seconds with the Happy Apps Sobriety & Freedom app. Play, listen then repeat until you feel the good vibes. It boasts deep customizability with user-controlled options for session length, sounds and music accompanying the affirmations, and whether you want to hear a male or female voice.

Joe and Charlie (iOS, $2.99 to download)
The creators of this namesake app met decades ago and became close friends as they helped each other remain sober. The pair created study sessions based on the “The Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous — an essential tome for recovering alcoholics — providing additional wisdom for listeners. Their unique perspective and wise words serve as a delightful complement to the standard AA curriculum.

Today’s Step (iOS, free with purchasable upgrades)
If you seek a steady stream of daily messages, inspirational stories, affirmations, meditation and exercise videos — then this diverse app is for you. Despite its depth of content, it is easy to navigate and content can be shared with friends who are also in recovery. Today’s Step strives to become a robust support system for recovering alcoholics, and is valuable enough even when using the free version.



DrinkControl (iOS, free with $2.99 to unlock full features; Android, free)
Some recovering alcoholics strive to simply reduce their intake instead of quitting completely, which is where DrinkControl comes in. The app takes alcohol intake tracking into a fascinatingly accurate science so that glasses, bottles or cans can be converted into standard units of alcohol. As long as you log your consumption correctly, you can stick within your limit and avoid cheating.

Control Alcohol (iOS, $4.99)
Do you lack self-discipline in watching your alcohol intake? Maybe a little hypnosis conditioning from British hypnotherapist Darren Marks can help. The audio app claims to help the listener access a deep hypnotic state to unlock improved control over your drinking, whether it is to stop completely or reduce consumption. The sessions also help you relax, release limiting beliefs and decisions and sleep better.