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Review of MMOGameGuide’s EVE Online Guides

Seven years of game evolution, has made the science-fiction-themed Eve Online a complex one. There are many hurdles to overcome, and any newbie serious about establishing themselves will want to leverage a third-party solution. The problem is that there is no shortage of choice available. Therefore, in order to save you time and money, we are taking a closer look at the options. Today, we tackle MMO Game Guide’s Eve Online Guide available at www.mmogameguide.com/eveonline. We’re going to ask the question: Is MMO Game Guide’s Eve Online Guide a scam? Then, we’ll consider some of the other MMO Game Guide reviews as we formulate our own.

We were a little surprised to see that mmogameguide.com currently prices the guide at $50. That seemed a little high for a non-WoW guide. They claim that this is a $100 discount, but of course, we all know better, and we demand a lot out of a gaming guide for $50. So how did it hold up to those demands? The simple answer is, not well. However, the good news is that it is certainly not a scam, and there is a great deal of material included, just not enough at a high enough quality to warrant $50.

The bad news is that it has a couple of crippling deficiencies. One, the guide is not completely current, and there are entire subsections of the guide that were once right but are now wrong. This will throw new players for a loop, and in some cases, it is going to set them back, which is not what you want from a strategy guide. The other deficiency is that there is no real community challenging the material, and it is clear that the guide suffers from this lack of editing. You will find sections of text that a secondary author clearly regurgitated without having any real understanding of the material.

MMOGameGuide splits their Eve Online library into five primary sections: Eve Insider, ISK Guide, PvP Guide, Mining Guide, and the Ship Guide. The Eve Insider covers all the basics, and it actually is a viable head start for the new player. However, overall, categorization is a bit of mess, and a great deal of the material spans across two or more categories. While it is impossible to avoid this entirely, it is clear here that not a lot of effort when into the organization of various topics.

Once you’ve weeded out the outdated material and overcome the sloppy organization, you’ll find a lot of legitimate and even advanced material here. Unfortunately, most of this material is available elsewhere on the Internet, often free. Granted, that data is widely dispersed, and some would be willing to pay a small fee to have it collected. The problem with MMO Game Guide’s Eve Online guide is that it isn’t a small fee, its $50. At $50, a gamer expects a lot. They want writers that actually play the game. They want material not found elsewhere. They want a great video library that puts verbs into sentences. They want a gamer community challenging and authenticating the material. Unfortunately, you’ll get none of that here.