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Nubun WoW Guide Review

We’ve all heard it. If it looks to good to be true it probably is. When I saw Nubun Guides (www.nubunwowguide.com) advertising a 1-80 Alliance leveling guide for WoW that would get you from 1-80 in 8 days I was a bit skeptical. I’ve leveled more then a few characters in my time, so I decided to give it a try myself. Sit back, knock back that mug of Thunderbrew Lager and listen up. I was surprised and I think you will be too.

After I gave it a chance , I couldn’t not share my Nubun Guides review with you. It doesn’t involve a scam, or boting. It is just what it is advertised though. Follow the guide and you’ll hit 80 in about 8 days played. Even having played the game since shortly after release, I couldn’t shave much time off it.

To me, there are four main questions I have to ask myself when I look at a product like this. The first is are they up to date? For a level guide, I cannot emphasize how important this is. The World of Warcraft developers are constantly tweaking the game, from updating zones to changing class mechanics and abilities. Thankfully Nubun Guide is not only kept up to date, further updates to it following future expansions come at no additional charge.

My second question is just how much detail and effort has gone into the product? If I am going to spend money on a product for a hobby, I want to know that is a good investment. Not only is the guide available as a PDF, an Autopilot in game version, and a Solo-guide that sit right on top of your game. Three different versions to fit your individual needs as well as videos for the levels 1-70. Also included are over 1200 screenshots to help you find your way through Azeroth.

I’d like to take a moment and talk about the Auto-pilot feature. Now, this is not terribly useful to me, but to a newbie it would be a godsend. Autopilot takes the guides and shows you where to go, step by step. No getting lost if you follow the kinda obvious arrows on your screen as it takes you form one quest to another. When I was a new player, could have used a guide like this. No frustration because you got lost, or don’t know exactly what the quest wants you to do.

Now the last thing I look for what does a product have that sets it above the others. Nubun Guides does that with WoW. Just tossed in as bonus are a guide to leveling Death Knights specifically, as well as Pro-Tip and Talent sections that covers things like proper addons, UI set up, and optimized leveling and endgame talent spec maximize your gaming experience.