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Secret Gold Guide Review

The Secret Gold Guide, helps World of Warcraft (WoW) players make more gold. The guide at www.secretgoldguide.com is not a scam. It contains complete and up-to-date information, and was written by a real WoW player. It is not a leveling guide, as many other popular WoW guides are, but is devoted to helping players earn more in-game currency than ever before. The guide does not provide cheats and hacks, but shows players how to use the game’s own mechanics to maximize their earning potential. It also provides information about several legal modifications (also called add-ons) to the game that make gold farming easier.

As with most guides, the information in this downloadable guide can probably be gleaned from other sources, such as free guides online or the official game forums. However, looking for the information you want from these sources can take a great deal of time. The WoW Secretgoldguide is a complete, but condensed source of this information. It is downloaded digitally as a pdf file. That means that readers have the option to print out portions of the guide, but also can use the pre-programmed table-of-contents and its bookmarks to locate information in the guide easily. Paging through a dictionary sized tome of a guide is now a thing of the past.

Secretgoldguide reviews can be found easily online. These other reviewers tended to agree that the guide was well written, had lots of information and advanced strategies, and that when the volume of content was considered, the guide was worth the money in most cases. Secret Gold Guide is a legit gold-making guide.

This guide makes many promises, and has a list of supposed players who were very successful with the guide. All players should remember that no guide, no matter how well written or detailed, can take the work or potential grind of so called “gold farming” completely away. The Secret Gold Guide does share with WoW players many helpful tips and strategies they may not be aware of, but the player must still be of the appropriate level, area, and have the appropriate items or skills. Other reviewers agree that the strategies in the Secretgoldguide take some time to practice. That said, this guide does cover material for all levels, all classes, and all professions in the game as well as maps for virtually all areas. The content can be useful for newbie players and advanced players, but only advanced players will acquire the 600+ gold per-hour the guide promises.

There is no instantaneous way to make gold in WoW or any other game. The game must, ultimately, still be played. Players must remember that this player does not have any “insider” info or special developer contacts. He is simply a skilled player who discovered great ways to use the game mechanics to maximize the amount of gold he could make. If players don’t have a free source of gold making strategies, this would be a helpful guide for them.