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Uma’s Guide Review

Are you finding yourself stuck in the new World of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion? Do you find yourself pining after the newest and shiniest equipment? Are you yearning for a level that you feel is impossible to reach without help? Check out Uma’s Secret World of Warcraft Cataclysm Guide from UmaGuide at www.umasguide.com. After reviewing the guide we can confirm that Uma’s Guide is not a scam and the claims they make on their website are legitimate.

Uma’s Guide helped me to become a pro raider in no time; with the best gear and money I could get, allowing me to slaughter my enemies and anyone who stood in my way with no trouble at all. If you find yourself just the slightest bit weak, Umas Guide can give you the tools necessary to gain all the strength you could want, it’s comprehensive, informative and able to convey the essential information to even the novice player. I found that it contained unique Cataclysm secrets and ways to gain gold through easy boss battles, which in turn will get anyone who plays the best gear. Umas Guide showed me the easiest route to level 85 and I also ended up with more gold than I can handle.

The maker of the guide notes that once, he was sick of logging in every day and only gaining some meager earnings from doing the daily tasks, and not even getting enough experience to make any headway in the game. He became tired of only gaining garbage while playing and planned to do something about it. Instead of going through a long time-consuming process of leveling up that all players of the game are familiar with, he experimented with methods that could get him farther and found a strategy that would cut down the process in half.

All of the strategies are up to date and feature ways to level up fast, make lots of money, complete quests quickly, and much more in the strategy guide. This guide offered me a much more fulfilling experience in World of Warcraft Cataclysm. I saved a ton of time, which the creator claims he has also been through and had trouble with. This guide is, in his own words, tried and true. I was amazed at the progress I made and the time that I saved. I thoroughly enjoyed the game even more than if I had taken the long way. UmasGuides offers everything that could be wanted from several different guides, in one.

It’s a one stop source of World of Warcraft Cataclysm that contains all of the complicated up to date aspects of the game in a single strategy guide. It promises to get you to level 85 very quickly and to show you where the best leveling up locations are, and it delivered for me. It also taught me which quests hold the best rewards and experience. Uma Guides will show what skills and abilities should be investing in, and what traits and attributes shouldn’t even be touched, which it also did for me. The guide also features a full reference to all of the World of Warcraft zones.