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Vivi’s Guide

With the December release of the WoW Cataclysm expansion pack looming on the horizon, gamers are already looking for leveling guides. Luckily for players everywhere, there is a new WoW Guide that promises to help players obtain the level cap of 85, in addition to nearly limitless gold for equipment, in just a few short days. Vivi’s Guide, located at www.vivisguide.com and available in digital format, contains strategies to accomplish both objectives in a legit and expedient fashion.

The purpose of the WoW VivisGuide is as simple as it is elegant: provide all the answers, procedures, and methodologies to maximize your gain in the WoW Cataclysm expansion pack as quickly as possible, without resorting to cheats or bots.

Wanting to be as thorough as possible, we took a detailed look at the WoW Vivis Guide, scrutinizing every aspect of it before writing this Vivis Guide review. After all, we aren’t going to invest money in something that either doesn’t work or will get us banned. However, after close inspection, we can honestly say that ViviGuides delivers all it promises in an easy to understand format.

When investigating any WoW Guide, such as Vivis Guides, one of the foremost questions on our mind is legitimacy. Is Vivis Guide a scam? Is Vivis Guide legit? After all, Blizzard is cracking down hard on cheats and bots. Both are the fastest way to get banned from WoW. However, with Vivis Guide for WoW, there are no worries. Every single method is legal according to Blizzard’s EULA. The guide offers 100% legit techniques to bolster your character’s level and gold, as well as provide tips on which equipment to purchase.

Another important question is if the guide contain a high level of detail. Absolutely. Vivis Guides not only contain a high level of detail, but presents advanced strategies intended to maximize your character’s growth, advance within any Guild, and easily succeed in even the most difficult quests and raids. Every Race and Class is explored. Important Spells, Talents, Abilities, Zones, Monsters, and Loots are analyzed. Strategies for PvP and PvE are discussed at length. With this guide, we were able to get and stay ahead of the game in just a few days.

So Vivis Guide is legit and effective, but is it easy to understand? Is this Cataclysm guide newbie-friendly? Once again, the answer is a resounding “absolutely.” Written simply, this WoW Guide is easy for both newbie and veteran gamers to understand, with the topics indexed in a well organized and easily navigated layout.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is Vivis Guide up to date? Once more, absolutely. The guide covers all the latest information for Cataclysm. Furthermore, every time the guide is updated, a new version is available to customers for download at no extra charge.

With all of these positive attributes, and with the release of the WoW Cataclysm expansion pack just in time for Christmas, should any serious WoW gamer purchase and use the WoW Vivis Guide?