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Penn’s World Guide Review

Pennsworld.com is home to the amazing series of Penn’s Strategy Guides. There are presently four separate Penn’s World guides available, two for World of Warcraft fans and two for Warhammer Online fans, as well as a laundry list of guides from third party authors and a handful of very useful free guides. The guides at Penn’s World are all well put together, thoroughly researched, and quite thoughtful. This does tend to set them apart from competitors, which offer guides that are generally regarded as rather hit or miss in terms of quality.

Of the two Penn’s World of Warcraft Guides, the Penn’s Ultimate Professions Guide is arguably the most useful because it contains information that can help noobs become masters at any craft without spending a ridiculous amount of money. In fact, the Penn’s Ultimate Professions Guide is probably the top reason that World of Warcraft players associate Penn’s World Guides with excellence. That is not to take anything away from the Penn’s 1 through 80 Alliance Leveling Guide, which is a great piece of work in and of itself. Players with no time to lose have trusted the Penn’s 1 through 80 Alliance Leveling Guide for a few generations now, as it has been updated with successive expansions that continually push the level cap to new heights. The only gripe here is that Penn really let horde fans down by not giving them their own 1 through 80 leveling guide! Lok’Tar Ogar!

Warhammer Online Fans also love Penn’s World Guides, whether they are destruction- or order-oriented, because Penn has a guide for each. More specifically, there is a Penn’s 1 through 40 Destruction Leveling Guide as well as a Penn’s 1 through 40 Order Leveling Guide. It doesn’t matter whether you like a little chaos to go with a side of ham or if a perfectly ordered and structured world is your thing, there is a Penn Warhammer Online guide for you. These guides are perfect at teaching users which areas to go to, and can help readers learn how to hit 40 without grinding!

Since so many sites offer similar guides, many people ask if Penn’s World is legit. This is a fair enough question. It would be easy to say that Penn’s World is indeed legit, as are the amazing guides there, but the assortment of free guides says that all on its own, and adds volumes more of insight into the wonderfully twisted mind of Penn. The fact that the guides are updated frequently is an obvious requirement, and Penn’s World guides look to contain even the latest information from betas and the World of Warcraft Public Test Server.

When trying to determine who is right for any pennsworld.com guide, the answer is simple: if the person meets the criteria on the guide’s cover, they are going to love it. The guides all come with insightful strategies that explain everything from the basic strategies, such as how to get from Point A to Point B in the Alliance without getting lost, to formulas and equations that can help decide where and when to level up crafting to save the most money. It is almost impossible to go wrong with a Penn’s World Guide. Now we just have to trap Penn in a room and force him to work on a Horde leveling guide at axe-point. For the Horde!