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Team iDemise Guide Review

World of Warcraft is not simply the most popular MMORPG ever produced, it is a worldwide phenomenon attracting players who would not otherwise play a fantasy RPG. All of these average-Joe gamers has made WoW leveling guides and the like a very lucrative business. It seems as if not a day goes by without the next great leveling system enticing you to “l33tness” for a mere $50. That’s a great deal of noise, but every once in a while a website like teamidemise.com manages to rise above it and be noticed.

Team iDemise
is a group of real, hardcore World of Warcraft players who also happen to be software developers in real life. The group started, interestingly enough, as the most decorated team in the history of Counter Strike Source. As that game faded in popularity, they moved onto World of Warcraft, where they eventually designed the QuestUp leveling system.

Now in its second iteration, QuestUp is one of the most respected leveling systems available, but perhaps more important than the system itself is the add-on that you get with it, but more on that later. The www.teamidemise.com system distinguishes itself from its competition due to the sheer speed at which it works. TeamiDemise claims that their system allows 1 to 80 leveling in 8 days, and based on our experiences, and according to many other Team iDemise reviews as well, this is quite reasonable for the dedicated, experienced player.

Of course, the novice will not tackle it that quickly, but that isn’t any fault of the system. Despite all of its sophistication, it is still able to speak to the newbie in a way that will allow them to accomplish the same feat just at a more casual pace. Once the novice tackles it the first time, they’ll no longer be one, at least in terms of leveling, and 80 levels in 8 days the second time around should be realistic.

Now, we should note that the add-on, which is legal through patch 3.3, is the key to 8 days or less. You can use the system without the add-on if you wish, but you’ll have to take care of some of the more tedious elements of leveling yourself, which will slow things down. So what exactly does that add-on do? Based on your setup, it directs you the next appropriate quest for items and leveling.

The neatest feature is that it is no longer necessary to have an encyclopedic knowledge of World of Warcraft quests. The add-on leveling guide has all the necessary quest information readily available so that you no longer have to waste time hunting it down on the web. Other key features include no down time and no boredom.

As soon as you complete the current quest, the add-on has you on the road to the next. Avoiding these lulls is a vital component to fast leveling. The other important factor is fun and excitement. Most systems rely on tedious repetition, such as grinding for extra bars. With the Team iDemise QuestUp 2.0 system, you are performing unique quests one after another so that your leveling experience is never the same.

Zygor Guides Review

Over 11 million people play WoW. Thousands of hours of content, hundreds to simply level a character from 1 to 80. There are those who find thrill in discovery, in finding out all the tips and tricks for themselves. For the rest of us, there is zygorguides.com.

Zygor Guides does for WoW what a strategy guide does a console game. It is not cheating, in fact the Zygor Guides is 100% percent legit, scam free and legal. It is not cheating, simply a way to enhance your experience. In fact, ZygorGuides has set their products to interface with World of Warcraft as an allowed addon to the game. No having to alt-tab and read an ebook guide, or look at a map. It is all there, right in game. Convenient, ain’t it? Zygorguides has guides for all aspects of the game, but their leveling guide is really their bread and butter as well as their claim to fame. When looking at guides there are four questions that need to be asked.

Does it have a high level of detail?
Zygor’s leveling guide is intended to providing a faster, more streamlined method to level a new character to 80. Because the guide interfaces with WoW as an Addon, it is able to delay a incredible level of detail. Instead of giving you the name of an NPC, you get an arrow on your screen that literally points the way. There are no gaps in the quests where the user would be forced to simply grind out a level or more. ZyghorGuides delivers on the level of detail.

Is it up to date?
Another feature included in your purchase is free updates. As Blizzard updates the game through content patches, quests may be reworked. Over time this can lead to frustration when a guide is not kept up to date. ZygorGuides does that, for no charge. They do charge for expansion updates, but I can’t blame them for that as Blizzard does that themselves.

Does it include advanced strategies?
My one complaint with Zygor’s Guides is a lack of advanced class specific mechanics. The basics seem to get covered, and in fairness a lot will be picked up in the leveling process. What isn’t intuitive is really only important in endgame play, be it PvP or PvE progression. There maximizing performance matters, but that information is readily available for free. It is just a matter of finding it.

Is it newbie friendly?
Someone who is new to WoW understandably would look into what is available for guides. One thing that struck me about Zygor’s guide is that with the in game interface it is one of the most friendly set ups for a inexperience player to use. It is broken down, telling you what quest to pick up, what mobs to kill, and more importantly, giving you detailed directions via a waypoint and graphical arrow system.

Time is money as the goblins say, and if I am going to spend money on a product like a guide, it had best save me time. Zygor’s Guides fits that bill.